We specialize on highly complex and state of the art engineering projects. Our customers are leading players in their fields. Our goal is sustainable growth – this we only can achieve with a qualified and motivated team of employees.

OLBRICHT needs team members who:

  • Work independently but are team-minded.
  • Use and grow their skills, without over-estimating their strengths.
  • Are well-educated but nevertheless willing to achieve further qualifications.

We are constantly looking for creative, motivated and active people, who will support the implementation of our diverse projects with dedication and enthusiasm and will strengthen our teams, both in Germany and in Turkey.

Our Culture

OLBRICHT endeavors to create technology and steer tomorrow’s technological requirements–as opposed to be just a consumer of technology– and has the following basic values:

  • Teamwork
  • Continous Quality
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Knowledge Sharing

Open Positions

You are welcome to make a general application to OLBRICHT by making by submitting your CV and letter of motivation to HR[at] or alternatively you can follow our open positions by clicking here.


Our company provides internship opportunities to university students during summer to help them familiarize themselves with business life and gain experience, , and for technical high school students during winter.

The undergraduate students must be at least in their 3rd year, and technical high school students must be in their 2nd year, and their educational qualifications must match those required for internship to apply at our company.

Internship applicants can send their CV’s during the first week of April via email:HR[at]