Quality Management


As part of its overall Quality Management Policy, OLBRICHT achieved and maintains the following International certifications



To become an international technology company that determines and defines the future industrial requirements, that works as part of its customers’ team, and that comes into being with its employees.


To become a Global player in the automation industry by developing technology through R&D.


  • Team Working
  • Continuous Quality
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Oriented
  • Knowledge Sharing

Quality policy

OLBRICHT has embraced a Quality Policy that focusses on its Customers and is centered around its employees.
Our Goal is to accept as a basic principle that we will fulfill completely and at the highest quality level our customers’ product and project expectations.
According to this principle, we will aim to:

  • Supply products and systems on time,
  • Provide cost efficient solutions by using innovative thinking, know-how, engineering experience, and superior technological specifications,
  • Design and produce systems compatible with superior reliability criteria (integrated with the industry?)

To reach these goals OLBRICHT and all its employees will become a Global company that creates a calm, safe, orderly, and, clean environment by being:

  • Innovative and open to personal growth
  • Participatory,
  • Open to change, and
  • Respectful of society and nature

Environmental policy

  • Reduce environmental pollution by controlling waste at the source
  • Take precautions to minimize energy and resource usage
  • Obey environmental rules and regulations
  • Increase and achive sustainability the performance of the Environmental Management System
  • Increase OLBRICHT employees’ environmental awareness and sensitivity